The OFYR (pronounced oh-fire) is a new way to cook and grill outdoors – with a unique design for incredible versatility. This grill from the Netherlands is a functional piece of artwork designed to bring beauty, warmth, and delicious food to your outdoor events. Its three-part modular design makes OFYR easy to transport and perfect for your venue, club or catering business.

The cone-shaped fire bowl features a wide, flat rim that doubles as a high-efficiency cooking surface. Heat radiates from the center in a perfectly fluid gradient, enabling you to cook at different temperatures on a single hotplate. OFYR’s simple, classic lines work in harmony with any setting, from country lawn to chic restaurant terrace. And when it’s time to entertain alfresco, this elegant outdoor sculpture transforms into a warm, welcoming hub for cooking and socializing. We hope the OFYR inspires you the same way it has inspired us!

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In the Philadelphia area? The OFYR is also available for B2B Event Rentals. Click here to learn more about Renting OFYR.
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OFYR Testimonial

“The OFYR Grills were a huge success. The customer told me they made the party. Thanks for always letting us keep our clients happy!”

Kim | The Party Center

OFYR Details:

  • Wood Fired Cooking
  • Cooktop made of Carbon Steel (12mm thick)
  • 40” diameter Cooking Surface
  • Base made from Corten Steel
  • Corten Steel is steel mixed with copper
  • Corten Steel provides protective rust finish
  • Protective Rust Finish is Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Base is 85lbs, Cone is 55lbs, Cooktop is 130lbs
  • 3 Part Modular System East to Transport
  • Generates heat 6ft to make a cozy fire pit environment
  • Cooktop can reach up to 550 degrees
  • Oil Bakes into Cooktop to create waterproof surface

OFYR Grills & Accessories

OFYR Grill

OFYR Grill with Storage

OFYR Butcher Block


OFYR Grill Grate

OFYR Leather Apron

OFYR Testimonial

“We used the OFYR to grill the cheeseburgers. We did regular burgers on the flat OFYR cooking ring and then the cheeseburgers on the grill grate above the flame. They cooked beautifully. These were all slider size, so I was sensitive to cooking time, and unlike a standard propane grill, we lost no product to the grill being too intense. Everything cooked at a nice pace and without any burning. On the grill above the flame, the cheese melted beautifully. The Grill Grate accessory would be ideal for sirloin steaks, salmon filets, lamb or pork chops and creating nice grill marks. Of course, everyone at the party was fascinated by both the pizza oven and the OFYR. Huge impression. OFYR cooks things beautifully.”

Pol | Jimmy Duffy Catering


Outdoor Design for All Seasons OFYR is a functional artwork designed to bring beauty, warmth, food and friendship to your outdoor space. The OFYR is more practical and stylish than a typical barbecue. OFYR’s simple, classic lines work in harmony with any setting, from country lawn to chic restaurant terrace. And when it’s time to entertain alfresco, this elegant outdoor sculpture transforms into a warm, welcoming hub for cooking and socializing.

Easy to Use OFYR can be left outdoors and uncovered in all weather ­conditions. Its three-part modular design makes OFYR easy to move around. OFYR is simple to clean and requires virtually no maintenance. Food scraps and excess oil go straight into the fire – all you need to do is wipe the OFYR with a damp cloth and it’s ready for the next occasion.

Q: What is the OFYR made out of?

A: 100% Steel, Carbon Steel (cooktop) and Corten Steel (base)

Q: Will it rust outdoors?

A: No! The OFYR is made from weather resistant materials so you can leave it outdoors all year long.

Q: How do I know when the cooking surface is hot enough?

A: After you have started your fire it takes about 1 hour for the cooktop to heat up. For the best results let the fire burn for 2 hours and spread embers along the cone to get even, radiant heat. The size and placement of fire can affect heat up time based on your needs.

Q: How do I know when the cooking surface is cool enough to disassemble?

A: Wait at least one hour after the fire is put out to handle the OFYR. Put the lid (sold separately) on and use heat resistant gloves.

Q: How do I clean the OFYR?

A: Just scrape any residue on the cooktop into the fire then wipe down the cooking surface with a little bit of oil after every use.

Q: What kinds of foods can I cook on the OFYR?

A: ALL KINDS! The OFYR is great for steaks, seafood, veggies and ever put pans on the cooktop to make sauces.

Q: What accessories are offered with the OFYR?

A: The OFYR has a great Grill Grate that fits over the center of the grill so you can grill directly over the open flame. The OFYR also has a protective lid to cover your cooking surface when not in use. Oil Can and Scraper also available.






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