Farm Table Warranty & Maintenance information

VF Farm Table Limited Warranty

About our Farm Tables: Our Farm tables are Elegant, Rustic and Natural. They have been designed by Vision Furniture to be lightweight, durable and easy to maintain.

Table setup and breakdown is easy with our simple leg design. Our tables have lots of character because they are produced using Antique and/or Reclaimed barn wood that has been repurposed for furniture. The table tops show knots, worm holes and unique grain variation that give our tables character. These farm tables will have a hand applied Tung Oil finish which brings out the natural golden glow of the White Pine.
Our Reclaimed Table frames are reinforced with high quality Maple Stretchers and Corner Blocks which give the table strength and rigidity for extra durability.

Natural Variation from Table to Table: Farm Tables are built to order from reclaimed White Pine. Each board has its own character which creates a beautiful antique table. We do our best to hand select our woods so that our tables have anattractive, cohesive look and natural character. Every table will look a little different and have its own unique charm.
Ease of Maintenance on Table Structure: Our Farm Tables are produced using classic and simple manufacturing techniques. Any carpenter can easily make a simple repair to our tables. Replacement reclaimed parts can be purchased from Vision Furniture if needed. 

Ease of Maintenance on Table Finish: The Tung Oil Finish is a durable and simple finish that is easy to maintain. We do a multi-layer Tung oil finish that cures for over 30 days before we ship our Farm Tables. The finish is easily cleaned with a wet towel after each use. Any scratches can be repaired by reapplication of Tung Oil mixed with solvent if needed. In fact, whole tables can be easily refreshed with just Tung Oil and solvent.

Farm Table Limited Warranty: Vision Furniture warrants that the table structure which includes reclaimed wood table frame, reclaimed wood legs, and hardware to be free of MANUFACTURING defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year.

All Claims to the table structure must be made in writing either by email or by fax to: 215.695.3300. Requests for substantiating pictures may be requested. Under the limited warranty, it is the buyer’s responsibility to report the claim for review. And, it will be the discretion of Vision Furniture to validate the claim. This warranty will not apply to any table that Vision Furniture deems the result of negligence, misuse, alteration, misapplication or accident. Upon acceptance of claim, Vision Furniture will suggest options for repair or replacement. And, the buyer will have 60 days to take action after the claim is validated.

This warranty does not cover the look and style of the reclaimed wood which may have varied degrees of natural defects, from table to table. These variations are inherent in the reclaimed nature of this product and do not affect the structure of the table frame. This warranty does not cover the Tung oil finish.

Buyer shall pay shipping to and from Vision Furniture and/or to the nearest designated service centers. Vision Furniture will cover repair costs / replacement costs and or, providing the materials needed for repair. Warranty will not be available for clearance, discontinued or product that is sold “As Is” unless otherwise noted in the sales description.

Vision Furniture will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages including, but not limited to: any loss of damage to any person or entity resulting, directly or indirectly, from the use, misuse or loss of the product. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the table prior to each use in order to prevent possible damage or loss.






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