Chiavari Ballroom Chairs - Meets all applicable requirements of BIFMA Standard

At Vision Furniture we specialize in wooden Chiavari Chairs that are built to not only look beautiful but to last. Over the years we have upgraded, tested and improved our Chiavari Chair design – so now we have the strongest, most durable chair of its kind. We test our chairs to BIFMA furniture standards and we have the only Chiavari Chair on the market that passes all six of BIFMA tests for safety and reliability. Order a sample today and see the difference!

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Vision Furniture: Responsibly Manufactured Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Cushions

Need cushions for your Chiavari Chairs? We have 50+ style and color combinations. Check out our cushion page and get a quote today!

  • High-Density Foam Cores
  • Reinforced Poly-Cord Stitching
  • Ties/Velcro Straps Won’t Rip Off
  • Stain & Tear Resistant
  • Heavy, Commercial-Weight Fabric
  • Meets all CAL-117 Requirements

Wasting Time Stuffing Foams Back into Cushion Covers? Save Time & Money with the Mesh Stocking!

Chiavari Barstools

Vision Furniture Chiavari Barstools are built to transform your bar and high-tops with the elegance of Chiavari style. Our barstools are the perfect complement to your existing Chiavari Chairs. Use for 42” tables and light weight at only 12 lbs.

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Chiavari Chair Barstools






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